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What does JobMate Include?
  • Advert Distribution Technology - Posting Jobs to over 1400 job boards.
  • Applicant Tracking - Compare how job boards perform.
  • Quota Management - Be in control of your consultants job credit allocation.
  • Great Customer Service - A dedicated team on standby to support you.
  • Seamless migration from your existing provider - we will help you all the way.
  • Low cost State of the art technology - Delivering exceptional ROI.

Our Customers

At JobMate we currently work with a significant number of UK Recruiters. Many of these recruiters once using our technology tend to remain with us for the very long term.

Our client base consists of small to medium sized recruitment agencies, a number of large cap recruitment organisations and also a number of employer HR divisions where they have a multi job posting and applicant tracking requirement.

Established since 2002 we have processed over 25 million job applications for our customers. It's easy to see why we are the preferred choice of many recruiters.

Our Customers

If you ask any of our customers what they think of us, the majority would say that we provide exactly what they need for a low cost. We would sum up our customer feedback as being both positive and also endorsing the fact that we provide a good product and service that delivers significant time savings with a high return on investment.

Detailed individual current client references are available on request. In the meantime the following are a selection of some of the comments recently made to us:-

We would highly recommend JobMate. They deliver everything they say, they are nice people to deal with and provide a competitive priced product
JobMate is easy to use and we got used to it very quickly. It's so much easier only having to post a job once
Any recruiter not using JobMate must be mad. Even though we are only signed up to two job boards we have been able to post our jobs on at least 10 other free to post sites at the same time which we previously just wouldn't have found the time to do
We love JobMate. Our consultants upload jobs to all the sites we use and the technology updates our own website at the same time. It's such a time saver
Since moving to JobMate we have never looked back. The technology does all we need it to and it is at a price you cannot ignore
JobMate is a very easy to use multi posting tool. It's ten times cheaper than any other product on the market
Ignore the sales hype you hear from other muti-posting providers. This isn't rocket science. You just need three core functions: multi-posting, applicant tracking and quota management. JobMate provides all three well and at an affordable price
As a JobMate user we can quickly see which sites deliver our best candidates. We have cut back on some non performing sites and added more of the free to post websites. JobMate has paid for itself many times over
I wish we had moved to JobMate sooner. I can't believe we have paid so much money out in the past to a competitor for what is essentially the same product
Don't waste your time looking anywhere else, JobMate provides everything you need at the best price in the market. Simple to use multiposting tool, great applicant tracking technology and friendly support service - what else do you need
We are very happy continuing with JobMate. Recently, the rep from a competitor came to see us and quoted £3,879. We also checked the price against another competitor and they wanted £1,458. We think you deliver incredible value.
In order to stay competitive we have to look at costs all of the time. We were happy using a competitor and were stuck in the habit of using them. We now realise just how expensive they were for what they offered and we should have changed sooner. Your product provides practically everything our previous provider offered. The price saving we have made has been passed straight to our bottom line. We would recommend JobMate to any recruiter

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