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What does JobMate Include?
  • Advert Distribution Technology - Posting Jobs to over 1400 job boards.
  • Applicant Tracking - Compare how job boards perform.
  • Quota Management - Be in control of your consultants job credit allocation.
  • Great Customer Service - A dedicated team on standby to support you.
  • Seamless migration from your existing provider - we will help you all the way.
  • Low cost State of the art technology - Delivering exceptional ROI.


Our online brochures for recruiters can be downloaded from this page

If you would like to read more information about JobMate at your leisure then these handy brochures are ideal for you.

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Save Time and Money with JobMate

This brochure provides a detailed overview of the JobMate product and the services we have on offer.

Secure more Candidates for Free

This brochure shows you how to secure extra candidates at no cost to you with JobMate technology.

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