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What does JobMate Include?
  • Advert Distribution Technology - Posting Jobs to over 1400 job boards.
  • Applicant Tracking - Compare how job boards perform.
  • Quota Management - Be in control of your consultants job credit allocation.
  • Great Customer Service - A dedicated team on standby to support you.
  • Seamless migration from your existing provider - we will help you all the way.
  • Low cost State of the art technology - Delivering exceptional ROI.

Introducing JobMate

Multiple posting and applicant tracking technology was originally designed to save recruiters time and money, yet in a number of cases this has become totally cost prohibitive.

By adding various bells and whistles (that you will probably never use) to their core multi posting products, some of our competitors have used this as a way to push up prices. In some cases charging fees so high that recruiters simply refuse to use them or need to look for alternatives that deliver a stronger ROI.

We believe it's time to redress the balance.

JobMate provides technology that is cutting edge and possibly the best in the market. We provide all the multi posting, applicant tracking and reporting functionality you will ever need. All this is provided and coupled with outstanding ongoing customer support. Where else could you find technology this good, from an established provider, backed by fantastic service, all for a pound a day?

Furthermore, we are so confident with our technology that we have removed all barriers to entry. You can have a completely free demonstration for you and your colleagues to run JobMate through the paces. This is fully road testing our facility for yourself without any further obligations.

Compare us to the Rest

If you haven't already done so, please feel free to compare what we offer against our competitors in the multi posting and applicant tracking market space. Some of our competitors include Broadbean, PostingPal, Idibu, Web-cruit and more recently knollenstein.

We think you will agree that JobMate is not only a superb product that delivers the core functionality you need but it's also at a price that's a fraction of what our competitors charge. If you want great technology coupled with great service and work with a provider that truly delivers both time and financial savings, then JobMate is just too good to ignore.

If you still need convincing, have a read of what some of our customers say about us. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to call us. We are a friendly bunch here at JobMate and would love to take your call.

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