If you’re looking to recruit the best people and make sure your organisation is recognised as an employer of choice, Proud Employers is a great place to start.

Stonewall works with over 650 organisations through the Diversity Champions programme – Britain’s leading employers’ forum on sexual orientation and the largest nongovernmental intervention of its kind in the world.

Through our extensive research, Stonewall has established the truth behind the adage, ‘people perform better when they can be themselves’. Staff who can be open about their sexuality are more likely to enjoy going to work, feel able to be themselves, form honest relationships with colleagues and are, ultimately, more productive. Put simply, improving the working environment for gay staff makes good business sense.

Advertising your job roles on Proud Employers gives you an opportunity to recruit the best people from a diverse talent pool. By doing so, you’ll be better equipped to compete in diverse markets and provide a top quality service to your customers or service users. Your brand association with Stonewall also demonstrates your commitment to equality and could be the deciding factor for a high quality applicant on choosing you over your competitors.

Who can advertise?

Advertising on Proud Employers is an exclusive benefit to members of the Stonewall Diversity Champions programme. New joiners to the programme get five free listings (worth £500) to use within their first year of membership.

If you’d like to advertise on the site but haven’t yet joined the programme you can find out more about becoming a Diversity Champion here.

Interested in advertising? Check out our rate card or contact Richard on 020 7593 3468 or proudemployers@stonewall.org.uk for more information.