As a recruiter, this is what we do for you:

We are niche. We will only show jobs that are relevant to newly qualified accountants.

We know who we want to look at our website: newly qualified accountants. So we target our marketing to specific people. We don’t want thousands of jobs, we want the right jobs for the right people.

We are qualified accountants so we have a big accounting network already.

We are knowledgeable about accounting and recruitment.

We are a small enough firm to mean that we care. We want you to like our website. We want you to come back again and again and again because you are finding the right candidates. We are flexible, so if you have requests then drop us an email and we will see what we can do.

We link jobs to social media like facebook, twitter and linkedin thus maximising your advert exposure to all the candidates who want to see it.

We pro-actively hunt down candidates using social media, targeted mailing campaigns and PR. We attend accounting events and give out business cards. We get our friends in accounting to talk about us and spread the word…..i.e. we do part of your job for you!

Our website is quick, clear and easy to use.

We can offer several different posting packages and are flexible to your needs. Click here to see what we offer.