JobsInMedical is a Specialist Medical Recruitment job board focusing on jobs in the Medical, Health Care, Pharma, Pharmacy, Nursing, Optometry, Veterinary and Biomedical Science industry’s. We focus on roles from the most junior to the most senior posts, providing a one stop recruitment solution for all our clients and job seekers to source the right job across all employers and recruitment agencies.

JobsInMedical was developed as a result of the extortionate prices charged by the major job boards for advertising. Our aim is to provide recruiters of all sizes with affordable effective online advertising.

Being a specialist job board means that you do not need to use any other sources or multiple job boards to find the right candidates for the job. The conventional job boards have millions of irrelevant CV’s costing recruiters a lot of time, effort and money, just to find the specific CV’s they are looking for. Our job boards remove the hassle and put all the relevant CV’s on one site.

JobsInMedical utilises leading edge web technologies resulting in lesser web development and maintenance costs. This means that we can pass on our savings to our clients and still ensure that standards of quality are not affected